All sessions include the use of regular olive oil. Olive oil is natural in itself and is good for your skin. It’s enriched with vitamins and doesn’t clog your pores. It also has no strong scent and works great during cleanup with no sticky residue left on your body. For those who prefer no oil, you have the option of using regular non-scented powder.

Classical Sensual (FBSM) |Tantric Bodywork

Classical Sensual


60 min / 240

Escaping for an hour can change your perspective on all the situations in life that can sometimes cause you stress and tension. The healing power of my touch will help you relieve the stress of your hectic life. All you need to do is lay back, breathe and allow the busy pace of life to melt away.

More information about Classical Sensual FBSM

More About Classical Sensual Massage FBSM

This is a great combination of CMT FBSM styles (Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue) and therapeutic FBSM techniques with a powerful twist of sensual (Holistic) long strokes. This is meant to be a deep sensual experience into complete relaxation. There is no use of trigger-point hard fingertips. Instead, my unique strokes with the palm of my hands are done in a intricate way. Recharging your energy with an impeccable true FBSM that will make your body feel as if weight has been lifted, adjusting the spring back into your steps and revitalizing your mood and sanity.



Tantric Bodywork (All Genders)

The purpose of a Tantric bodywork session is to heighten awareness and pleasure. It's also to increase your perception of touch. So much healing can take place as you naturally embody the surrounding energy. We begin with some grounding to ease and release the tensions of our busy minds. The experience is best when your mind is settled and grounded. You can then focus on the true energy of touch and embrace pleasure.

This is a great opportunity to experience the best blend of sensual body strokes, body to body, and of course light touch leaving you relaxed and uninhibited all the way. These Tantric sessions are for all gender identities including couples. I welcome you to explore pleasure in a safe, free, shameless environement. Are you interested in improving your stamina? Maybe you have certain concerns you need help with like PE/ED (Lingam Holders) or freedom from self-expression. Or perhaps just curious and would like to explore the possibilities Tantra has to offer. I'm also experienced in working with those who have diabilities (Please Inquire).

In all, this journey is done perfectly leaving your mind clear for the greatest energy buildup you've ever experienced. For those interested, guided breathwork can be included to prolong sensation. All Tantric bodywork sessions include massage surrounding the rosebud (Anal) sacred spot area. This is a very sensual place and allows you to heighten your pleasure.

Finally in conclusion we end with the Lingam or Yoni style massge. This is a non-rushed important part of the experience. The emotional and sensual sensational peak completely overwhelming with relaxation at it's highest level. As you will experience a variety of mudras or different types of strokes and techniques used on your pleasure zones. Being able to expand sensation and your ability to receive pleasure is very rewarding. If this is your first time I strongly recommend the 90min or higher to be able to experience the most of Tantra.

Classical Tantra



This is great and suitable for those with time constraints and/or those who are curious about the offerings Tantra can bring. Here, the focus is centered around the main parts of the body not including the head, face, hands or feet. I like to get to know you without being rushed. In this hour session there is not enough time to include the additional body parts but just enough to keep you on edge and wanting more.

Signature Tantra



Here your journey begins with the same as the Classical Tantra Hour session. You will also enjoy the sensations of all the additional body parts. Your head, face, hands and feet will get to experience my wonderful soft skin and body leaving your full body tingly all over. Please note, no oil is used on your face. I use a non-scented sensitive skin face lotion. This is highly recommended for anyone with concerns like PE/ED (Lingam holders) or freedom from self-expression etc. As well as those with disabilities.

Stimulus Tantra


120min/520 | 150min/680

During this session, you will experience everything in the Signature Tantra 90 min session plus more all over body to body movements. If you are doing the 120 min session, Union Breathing will be included as well. This strengthens connection and is opportunity to bring the pleasure to an even deeper level. If you are doing the 150 min session, a light body scratching will be included. Light scratching helps to stimulate and rise to a higer level of relaxation all over your body. It's tingling and feels amazing!

Sensual Tantric Nuru


Nuru 60min/380 | 90min/560

This is an authentic Japanese Nuru massage actually called "Mat play" in Japan. Experience flexibility at it's best. I invite you to enjoy an ancient art of relaxation.  This is an experience like no other.  This is all body to body sensual massage using Japanese techniques.  With the use of my different body parts, provide a gentle massage along your body. To receive the best sensual feeling,  only the rounded parts of my body will be used. No hard elbows or knees. The sensation of smooth skin on your skin is incredibly sensual and intimate.  This is completely unique,  tantalizing experience that must be experienced to truly understand. We end with the Lingam or Yoni style massage.

Couples Tantra

Couples Tantra (All Genders)

90min/580 | 2hrs/840 | 2.5hrs/1100 | 3hrs/1380

This is a wonderful opportunity for couples to establish a deeper connection with one another. Providing the tools for having strong intamacy with strengthen the connection and relationship. Whether there is a lack of sexual understanding and eduaction, wanting to experience more pleasure or simply curious and want to know "what to do". These sessions are somatic practices to explore and expand the deepest layers of pleasure. Depending on your goals you can choose an option or more (depending on the length of session). I teach and demonstrate how to do one or more of the below options. (I also have experience in working with disabilities, please Inquire)

Choice of  (depending on top goals) :

~ Partner Untion Breathing
~ Partner Yoni Massage
~ Partner Lingam Massage
~ 5 Principles of Sexual Communication with foot/hand massage

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